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Call Dave, the concrete contractor, at 417-379-5441 to request a FREE estimate on your concrete project anywhere in the Springfield Missouri, and Southwest Missouri areas. Or you can Request a free quote from this local pro at FREE ESTIMATE online now.

Welcome to Poppenga Concrete Construction, LLC. We are a locally owned and family operated concrete construction business that specializes in all kinds of concrete work. Our company has proudly served Springfield, Missouri and the local Ozark areas since 1989 with quality concrete products, exceptional customer service and competitive rates.

We offer low cost concrete renovation work for replacing worn out drivewaysand walkways as well as new concrete construction of all types. All our projects areperformedusing only top quality materials; and created with superior expert workmanship and service thus, delivering only the very best engineered concrete product. See our Driveway Replacement Guide here. Our experienced team of concrete experts is dedicated to providing architects, designers, developers, and homeowners with the highest level of quality concrete work possible. You can Check out our reviews here.

We are a licensed and insured full service contractor that can make your dream backyard become reality, or fulfill all your commercial needs as well. Contact Dave today for a FREE custom estimate to fit your specific needs.

Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, and Slab Floor Pros

As you know concrete is one of the most versatile building materials available today. Concrete driveways are likely to last longer and require less maintenance than other methods. When properly installed, concrete driveways can hold up well under just about anything Mother Nature can dish out. Driveways aren’t the only place where concrete has proved useful! Today, concrete flooring is one of the most desirable materials on the market. Concrete flooring is not only more durable than just about any other flooring material, when polished, stained, or stamped, it is also one of the most attractive. These techniques have taken concrete flooring out of garages and basements and into kitchens, hallways, living rooms, and bathrooms across the country. Concrete flooring can also be coated with epoxy (a technique used in many commercial garages and car dealer ship showrooms) to enhance appearance, make cleaning up spills easier, and there are methods to provide traction where needed.

And, one of the most popular concrete projects today is the Stamped and Decorative finished patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Very popular today on New construction and fast being “the concrete renovation technique”

to use in remodeling or just upgrading existing homes or other buildings. Driveway Replacement can enhance your curb appeal tremendously. See Poppenga’s Driveway Replacement Guide here.

Outdoor Living Pros

Swimming Pool Decks, and outdoor living areas (patios) finished in unique Stamped and Decorative patterns and colors are “IN” today. Stamped & decorative Concrete enhancements for your home such as driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios, pool decks, fire pits, and bbg pits.

Contact Dave today @ 417-379-5441 for a custom estimate to fit your specific needs.


Poppenga’s Concrete is a quality driven concrete company that delivers professional services at reasonable rates. Our company provides services to both private and public sector clients.

Project types include industrial facilities, office and retail buildings, restaurants, site improvements, and government contracts. We maintain a high standard of workmanship and customer satisfaction that has resulted in repeat business from many general contractors across the state and region.

Poppenga Concrete has grown into one of Southwest Missouri’s largest concrete subcontractors. We value our clients, contractors, and suppliers, and maintain a commitment to integrity that has helped us establish ourselves among the top concrete providers for the state.

Poppenga’s Concrete is a quality driven concrete company that delivers professional services at reasonable rates.

RESIDENTIAL….Remodel or New

Concrete Patios are becoming the backyard’s number one destination spot for cooking, entertaining and relaxing. You can bring the comforts of your indoor rooms to the outside, creating spaces that function as an inviting extension of your home. Create warmth and relaxation with fire features, including outdoor fire places and fire pits, and BBQ’s.

Stamped & Decorative Concrete VS Pavers: A decorative concrete backyard patio can be much more economical than hand placed pavers. Many people seem to prefer the look of pavers, but at the same time are unaware that concrete can be created to look nearly identical to pavers. The drawbacks of pavers include broken pieces, separation and the ability for weeds to grow between. Concrete, on the other hand, provides a solid surface that completely eliminates weed growth. And concrete can be colored, textured and stamped in form to resemble the look of pavers.


Do you like the look of slate, stone, brick, wood, flagstone or simply a unique texture? Maybe your preference is Wood. Wood Grain Stamped Concrete is indistinguishable from the real thing and it can be stained to provide a natural look. This option allows you so much versatility at a very cost effective price. Stain is very similar as a decorative concrete look. You are only limited by your imagination with all the different patterns and colors that stain concrete provides. Commonly used in the coastal areas of the country, stain concrete is moving to the Midwest and growing in it’s popularity.

Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Pool Decks and more. Whether it’s grilling on patio or stepping outside into your private botanical garden and spa replete with every amenity your guests would enjoy, Poppenga’s Concrete has a design and solution for your unique and specific need. Look at some of the many patterns and colors here.


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Patterns & Colors