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Driveway Replacement Guide
Drives ~ Walks ~ Patios ~ Steps
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    Considerations when planning to replace your Driveway,
                    Walk, Patio, and/or Steps

There are lots of extremely varied items to consider when planning a concrete project.  I hope these considerations will guide you in your developing a workable plan for your project.   You are invited to contact Poppenga Concrete here to request a FREE estimate and get questions answered. 

Costs: In this guide I will not attempt to put in costs as they will vary vastly from job to job depending on what concrete enhancements your choose, and doing so could be very misleading.  However, I do offer job specific FREE concrete estimates and job consulting for DRIVEWAY REMOVAL, REPAIR, and REPLACEMENT which you can request here. 

Poppenga Concrete Construction, LLC offers a complete “all inclusive” job which will, on your request, include all the items required for your particular project including end of job cleanup and yard work when necessary.  Poppenga Concrete will do it all for you, all you have to do is request a driveway replacement cost estimate, approve it, and work with us to schedule your work.  Or, if you prefer, you can do some of the project yourself, such as moving and caring for plants, flowers, and shrubs that may be involved due to their location.

I will recommend many considerations that may or may not affect the cost of your project.  Don’t worry, Poppenga Concrete will help you with details involved.  Consulting with Dave will help you understand what is involved in achieving your goals and the costs involved.  Use these considerations to develop a checklist of items to consider in you project plan.

You might want to consider removing and replace existing Sidewalks, Patios, Pool Decks, and Steps along with your Driveway replacement job.  The advantages of only one construction project for all your outdoor upgrades will be less mess, and will likely be much more cost efficient than doing these projects individually.

This is the perfect opportunity to add loads of curb appeal to your home by including "stamped decorative" concrete finishes.  There are many pattern options and a great selection of colors to choose from.  See patterns and colors in menu above or you can find a display of patterns and colors available here

You probably have heard the cliché "there is more to this than meets the eye".   I hope you will find this guide helpful in planning your Driveway, Walks, Patios, and/or Step replacement project.  Contact me for help and FREE ESTIMATE HERE.

Consider these things Before removing any existing concrete Driveways, Walks, Patios, and/or Steps: 
          What will be done with existing Plants, and shrubs

          What about our yard?

          What about underground utilities?

          How will I dispose of removed concrete and other debris?

          Can we get materials and equipment into and out of project areas?

          How may weather possibly affect the work progress and completion?

          Will adjacent structure or slabs be protected from concrete spill etc.?

          Can I choose the type finish?

Tips to Quick and Easy Maintenance to keep your concrete slabs looking great.

          Immediately after completion:  Immediately after completion:
Maintaining your concrete driveway

One of the best attributes of concrete drives is the long life and little maintenance required as opposed to other type driveways.  You may have heard it said, “Concrete Drives are maintenance free”.  Well yes, to some extent that is true.  However, there are some things every home owner should know about concrete drives as well as other flat concrete structures.  After-all preserving the appearance and life of your driveway does help to protect your investment.

Whether you have a basic broom concrete finish or an elaborate decorative stamped concrete finish you can still extend, not only the beauty, of the finish, but the life of the concrete as well.  As you know vehicles can bring and leave unwanted stains from oils, grease, and road residue and so forth.

So, it is a very good idea, beginning from day one, to apply a concrete sealant which will help with future maintenance.  Some sealants will protect against staining to some degree, but generally not 100%, especially as the surface ages.  Some stains are easier to remove from a sealed concrete surface than others.  Caution:  Check manufacturers recommendations carefully, as cleaners and solvents can make the stain worse or not work at all.  Remember,
Sealants can be rather unpleasant products to work with.  You should avoid skin contact and wear protective clothing when handling cleaners and sealants’.  Protective clothing including googles, gloves, long pants, and long sleeves are highly recommended.

Of course cleaning the drive before application of sealant is imperative to quality job.  Dirt and grease will prevent sealant from proper penetration and adherence.   Most manufacturers will suggest working on small square areas
(10-20 sf) rather than long narrow ones.  Makes for more consistent application.  Thin overlapping coats with a long-handled application brush or squeegee works best.  One coat usually provides sufficient protection. Drying time is about 2 hours.  Check manufacturers recommendations to be more specific.  Manufacturers will also give information about how often you may need to apply sealant.

Periodically clean and reapply sealer as needed
Several conditions such as weather and traffic will tend to affect how often you clean and reseal your concrete surface.
You will find differing opinions on how often.  I a thorough cleaning with pressure washer, stain removal, and resealing annually.  Good commercial sealers are available from concrete material suppliers and hardware stores.  Check recommendations from manufacturer carefully since they usually do methodical product tests before marketing.

You will notice a great difference in appearance immediately after applications of sealer.  Most sealers will need 2 to 4 hours drying time.  Sun and breeze are helpful.
Dave Poppenga’s
Call Dave at 417-379-5441 to request a FREE estimate on your concrete project anywhere in the Springfield, and Southwest Missouri areas.  Or you can Request a FREE ESTIMATE here online now.
Call Dave at 417-379-5441 to request a FREE estimate on your concrete project anywhere in the Springfield, and Southwest Missouri areas. 
Or you can Request a FREE ESTIMATE here online now.